Are you a sourcer who do not have time for suppliers?

Do you think the head of your company will be satisfied, if the sales do not have time for customers? The more customer a sales meet, the more he learns from his market the more chances he has to increase the sales revenue. This is the same situation for sourcers, the more suppliers a sourcer meet the more chance he has to learn for new solutions, improvement even innovation.

But the daily work is loaded with several tasks and request which will make the sourcing team to be overloaded and not able to concentrate enough on added value task. For example, requote again the same parts for additional quantities, requote because of wrong or additional specifications, remind suppliers, in addition all those activities lead to manage and organize tons of emails every day.

This situation is getting even worst in the current context of stiff competition which gives stronger pressure on the cost, also shorter product development cycle requires to complete all those task in a reduced timeframe. If the company can afford it, hire more people is an option, but this will require more coordination, more data sharing, by the end the result may not meet the expectations.

How can e-Sourcing solutions help?

The e-Sourcing solutions, such as Buymanager, will provide both Operational Benefits, helping sourcers to get rid of no added value task, streamline the processes such as RFQ, cost down plan, BOM management and BOM costing as well as Strategic Benefits to develop the best practices, make sourcing a leverage for business development.