Emails never end for sourcers!

One-hour meeting: 10 more emails pending, and for supplier quotations, it’s necessary to get the data out of it, fill a summary spreadsheet and store the email.
Requisition, benchmark, new vendor sourcing, internal emails… The workflow is always increasing but not the resources; the situation becomes critical.

Another major concern: no data centralization

Beside the low efficiency of a process based on emails and spreadsheet, there is another major concern for the company and the management team: no data centralization neither archiving. Supplier quotation and related emails use to have important data, but they use to be stored in every sourcer’s emails system. Anyone who wants to get those data will need to go throught the sourcer, which means low efficiency and speed, and will generate another email flow. And what about the about the situation when the sourcer will leave the company!

Email FEEDER: Supplier quotation uploaded and email stored in 1 drag & drop

From your email system (Outlook, Thunderbird), you can:  upload supplier quotations to

  1. Upload supplier quotations to Buymanager
  2. Store and organize emails in one single Drag & Drop!
  3. Jump immediately to analysis and negotiation stage.

In addition, emails will be centralized and available within the team.

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