Buymanager industry 4.0
Buymanager Requestion for quotation module

your RFQ process

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Buymanager bom costing module

your BOM Costing

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Buymanager nego module

in Strategic Sourcing

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Buymanager Risk management module

Gather EOL,

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Agile and automated sourcing & product cost management software connected to the Supply Chain

As Strategic sourcing experts, we develop a software for sourcers of electronic components and Electronic Manufacturing Services companies.

Buymanager industry 4.0


« The RFQ process brings a significant time saving when consulting supppliers. We have access to all the prices quoted by the various subsidiaries, as well as those from the ERP. »

EOLANE Purchasing Manager – France

« 50% of the quotes are delivered in less than 1 day, against3 days before.We spend less time in data manipulations which means more value provided to the customer »

Cyril BERNARD, Purchasing Manager, SYSTECH – France

« We use buymanager as our main RFQ tool. The interface is intuitive, the dashboard function is easily handled »

Ivy LIU, Senior Manager | OSE EMS Division – Taïwan