Loic Biarez, CEO

As a former purchasing director and consultant, I was always faced with the problem of handling huge volumes of data and files. Sourcers spend too much time collecting data: First, they record and structure it into designed, sophisticated Excel spreadsheets. Then, they save these files in countless folders on a shared directory. In the end, most of the time, none of this information will be reused. I was facing the evidence that sourcers did not have yet suitable tools to carry out their purchasing activities”


As a software editor we pay a high attention to customer relationship quality, because it is with them that we improve our solution, consolidate experience and best practices from different countries.

Our product evolution is controlled by a roadmap that update regularly based on the vision we have from our market. In addition, the permanent relationship between our user and the support team is a great source for product evolution. The user experience we have acquired is a key success factor for the adoption by new customers.


Buymanager is a management tool dedicated for sourcers and all people involved in the Product Cost Management and Supplier Relationship Management.


Our target customers are manufacturing companies for which purchasing is a strategic stake.


We help users to get rid of non-value task and data manipulation to concentrate their efforts on value added activities.


Knowledge of operational purchasing processes as well as how new information technologies can support their optimization.


Support our customer in the optimization of their sourcing process, Product Cost control and help them developing the best practices.

We learn and enrich ourselves from each of our customers.