The primary business of EURO PROCESS is the industrialisation and assembly of electronic boards until their integration into their mechanical environment.

“The tool is very appreciable. Thanks to Buymanager, we can now get information in the time frame that our customer service vision requires. The Buymanager report is an essential part of Euro-Process’ commercial approach.”

Nicolas Chupin, Managing Director | Euro-Process

“We are always honoured to contribute to the implementation of new solutions for our customers. Our common mission with Euro-Process is to develop their teams so that they respond quickly and easily to the requests of their customers. But above all, to guide them in their change management, and to free them from traditional and time-consuming operations to dedicate themselves to business development.”

Alice Grange, Customer Success and Support Director | Supplyframe Europe


Despite the development of an internal tool, the time-consuming nature of processing quotes and related activities hindered the company’s standard operations and slowed down its prospects for growth. Moreover, the existing processes were unable to cope with the high volume of requests for Euro-Process, placing excessive demands on the existing teams.

The company’s primary objective was to re-evaluate the resources of the teams responsible for developing quotes, in order to set up a commercial conquest strategy. In addition, they aimed to reduce the response time, which was previously three weeks. Finally, Euro-Process sought to enhance precision and reliability by eliminating the risks associated with manual data entry performed by teams.


▪ A genuine policy of transparency and considerable time savings

Thanks to Buymanager, the new visibility acquired now allows Euro-Process to have complete and actionable information in real time for the customer. This transparency allows real communication with the customer, sharing any potential challenges, and proactively searching for solutions. A significant breakthrough in Euro-Process’ processes.

Additionally, API connections – with a wide range of distributors and a catalogue of nearly 100 suppliers – have made it possible to obtain more encrypted lines without relying on traditional RFQs. Simultaneously, the process of importing BOMs in Buymanager has been simplified, along with the feedback of data from Buymanager to the ERP once the quote is earned or the calculation of net needs (CBN) is processed. As a result, time has been saved, and Euro-Process benefits from enhanced flexibility, leading to better identification of crucial components and the presentation of more effective alternative proposals to customers. Euro-Process is now proficient in proposing solutions with shorter deadlines and a lower likelihood of human errors.

▪ Accompanied change management upstream and downstream

While Supplyframe technology has enabled significant advances in existing Euro-Process processes, such outcomes have been fostered by consistent qualitative support.

The solution targeted two processes: quote management and CBN (also known as MRP). Both requirements were simultaneously addressed to two different teams. Each team received dedicated support in understanding the importance of Buymanager before the training. This support continued to ensure their proficiency with the tool and during the resolution of specific problems.

“Supplyframe was present throughout the process, providing us with high-quality training and offering support both before and after their intervention. Their availability during the implementation of Buymanager has been a crucial pillar of our success.” says Fabien Baron, Purchasing Manager at Euro-Process.


The deployment of the solution can be summarised as follows

Furthermore, the productivity gain has been effectively reallocated. It is now possible to implement a commercial conquest strategy with new customers following the decongestion of demand. Buymanager has also enhanced customer satisfaction by involving them more effectively in various stages of their purchasing process.


Monitoring continues and will enable further optimisation of processes while also uncovering new indicators to better guide the conduct of operations.